Barbrah Kelley


Produced, written & arranged by Brian J. Kelley for Brittian XI Publishing.

Mastered by Pete Humphreys at Masterwork Recording, Phila, Pa.

Featured musician- Torrey Debro on keyboards on "Been Dun Quit" 

Photographer, Spaulding Mills -Los Angeles, CA 

There has never been a time where I didn't stop to thank God for every move, each step and all of the pitfalls; there were many.  My challenges came  equipped with disappointments, and sadly to say, I was on guard -as if I knew it was coming. 

Although I persevered- somehow I never quite felt like I had made an accomplishment. Nevertheless I'm grateful for it all.  This journey has taught me what I am made of and what I am  not. 

My faith in God has allowed me to come full circle each time, to allow myself to celebrate.  To encourage myself when I feel defeated.