barbrah kelley

A Glimpse

I am a singer/songwriter and producer by choice! I grew up listening to various genres of music but didn't become attached to gospel music until I joined a choir. Growing up with four singing groups and a drummer in the family meant that there was music almost 24/7! Four out of six brothers were in singing groups! So, music has always been a vital part of my life growing up.

Although born in the South I grew up in Camden, New Jersey - where talented artists are practically grown, and it's where I got my start. Singing in the choir at church is what grabbed my attention and it kept me coming back.

As a Worship leader, I found that my passion for music was much more than just singing words, swaying from side to side and clapping my hands. My ministry of music was birthed from my desire to communicate and encourage others via singing.

Sinner-friendly is how I describe my style of music; although traditional gospel is my roots. I am aware of the call upon my life -I made the decision to spread the word - using music as a vehicle. There was a period where I participated in local gospel groups and sang whatever I was given to sing. As long as I was singing - it didn't matter much! But I found myself writing and creating my own melodies more often.
I decided to return to school where I majored in music, and found that discipline is the key in almost anything you do.

I do find it a joy to work closely with my husband, Brian J. Kelley, who I give credit to for my sound. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist in his own rights.